Kimchinomics 2: Kimchi Versatility

Homemade kimchi

Now you’re ready to use your homemade kimchi in a fabulous one-pot meal and here’s one you can give a whirl:  Kimchi and mung bean sprout rice.

The idea here is that you’ll layer your rice and kimchi and top it all off with a nice mound of either mung or soy bean sprouts, cook it down and season with some soy sauce and sesame oil.  You can add some pork or leave it without.

Your ingredients:

2 cups short grain rice, soaked in water for about 10 minutes

1 cup kimchi

2-3 cups mung or soy bean sprouts, washed

2 cups water

scallions, chopped

garlic, minced or pressed (i use about 3-4 cloves)

soy sauce

sesame oil

rice vinegar

ginger juice

sesame seeds

salt and pepper

pork product (optional)

The Steps:

1. In your favorite pot (or you can use your rice cooker) add a layer of chopped kimchi. *Pork note: if you're using pork product, saute as much as you think you'll need with some minced garlic with a little oil then turn off the heat before adding kimchi.

2. Drain your rice and layer over the kimchi. Layer until you've used up your kimchi and rice.

3. Sprinkle scallions over your rice and kimchi.

4. The final layer is the mung or soy bean sprout layer. Spread your sprouts over the top, add 2 cups water *add more if you like a soupy rice, put the lid on and let simmer for about 20 minutes. Check on it from time to time to make sure you've added enough water.

5. Mix together soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, ginger juice, garlic, sesame seeds, salt and pepper in a ratio that you like and use this to season your rice. You and your dinner mates can season to taste.

Fin & bon appetit

Although families all have their own rendition on various dishes, I think A Korean Mother’s Cooking Notes by Chang Sun-Young is a great resource for learning how to cook authentic Korean food.


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