Double Bogey?

An “albatross” or “double eagle” in golf is when you’re three strokes under par on a hole!  Yeah, I’m not a golf fan, but my boyfriend is so I have come to know some of the lingo.  And I did, along with the rest of the world, perk up my ears during Tiger’s marital and now come-back tribulations. But, mostly, it is the fun terms like “double bogey” which is when you go two strokes over par (and conjures up something else in my head) that grab my  attention.

Boyfriend at Penmar, April 2010

 Are you wondering what golf terms have to do with Korean food?  Hmm, I could make up something that might convince you of a connection, but I’ll just ‘fess up and say I don’t have one, really.  Except, maybe for a very indirect one––Koreans love to play golf and they eat Korean food (bit of a stretch?).  I do steer clear from making too many statements based on over generalizations, but this one I will put forth with a disclaimer that it is based on watching numerous televised golf tournaments and from hearing about the many Koreans my boyfriend has had a chance to see and meet on the various golf courses he’s played, on both coasts.  And not to mention the media attention Korea gives to all the golf players she’s sent off to the U.S. in search of fame and world domination.  Case in point, Pak Se Ri was Korea’s most talked about female golfer and darling of the K-Media for a long time before being joined, in recent years, by her equally driven compatriots.  The Economist had a little piece online about their theory on why Korean women are so good at golf.  In a nutshell, constant hitting of balls at the driving ranges due to a lack of land and therefore courses, constant repetition or “practice makes perfect” strategy, and a penchant for following trends.  Especially if it’s a trend that involves winning the US Women’s Open in 1998 and becoming a national icon back in the mother country.

But let’s get on to the real important topic here––food!  What is good for golfers to eat prior or during their 18 holes? My boyfriend gets a hotdog to tie him over, but what about something more nutritious?


Oh, yeah, like nice homemade granola bars made with good things like almonds and almond butter to take with you out on the green!  I made Mark Bittman’s version (with some changes) and had “much success”:

The ingredients

1/2 cup almond butter (or your nut butter of choice)

1/2 cup honey

1 cup puffed rice

1 cup granola

1/2 cup dried plums or peaches, chopped (or your dried fruit of choice)

1/4 tsp salt

vegetable oil

 The steps

1. Melt honey and almond butter over medium heat in a sauce pan, about 2-3 minutes.

2. Combine puffed rice, granola, almonds, dried fruit and salt in a bowl.  Add honey and almond butter mixture and stir well.

3.  LIne 7 or 8 inch baking dish with plastic wrap.  Spread mixture evenly into the dish, pressing down.  Cover with more wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.  When set, cut into bar size of choice.

Platter of goodness (Clockwise: Almonds, granola, dried plums & puffed rice).

Of course, these handy, delicious granola bars need not be reserved for your next golf outing.  Make them and enjoy whenever, wherever!


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