Just Make It Yourself: Cool Kimchi

Kimchi made especially for those days when the farenheit hits the roof? Now that’s a good idea!

Another day, another batch…of kimchi!

My first memories of kimchi are of the spicy variety, be it cuke, radish or cabbage, I recall eating mostly the red, hot versions until I came upon my first introduction to “white” kimchi––kimchi sans red hot pepper powder––in the ’80’s when my aunt emigrated to the US and moved in with us.  Her penchant for making this cool version and stocking our fridge with it certainly helped me develop an appreciation for it. Some 30 years later, it’s still her go-to quick batch kimchi and I haven’t tired of watching her make it.

Not quite as big as a baby…

I recently came upon a recipe for a style of kimchi called nabak kimchi (quick water kimchi) that reminded me a little bit of my aunt’s version.  Though it does have more ingredients and steps (not to mention red pepper powder), it looks like it’s worth the effort.  I found it on a neat food blog called Vegan 8 Korean whose author, Sunnie, gave me the okay to post it here so you all can give it a go.

Make it and be prepared to beat down the upcoming summer inferno with this refreshing kimchi in your refrigerator:

Nabak Kimchi (Quick Water Kimchi) Recipe
(Serves 3-4 people for around 1-2 weeks)

2 cups of chopped bokchoy or napa cabbage (cut into square pieces)
1/2 cup of green onions, chopped into 2 inch pieces
1/2 Korean pear, chopped (cut into square pieces)
1/2 apple, chopped (square pieces)
1/4 carrot, chopped (square pieces, optional)
3 cloves of garlic, sliced
1/8 cup of course sea salt
1/8 cup of sugar
4 cups of water
2 Tablespoons of Korean pepper powder in a cheese cloth or tea strainer

1. Cut all the vegetable ingredients and mix with 1/8 cup of course sea salt and let it set for 40 minutes.
2. Put the ingredients and the water that seeps from the vegetables into the jar or container that you will be storing the kimchi in.
3. Dissolve the sugar into 4 cups of water and put it into the jar.
4. Put pepper powder in a cheese cloth or tea strainer and let the color seep out into the water. Do not let the grainy pepper powder get into the water!
5. It’s ready, super easy! Put it in the fridge.
6. You can start eating in 2-3 days. In 5-6 days, and it’ll really start tasting like the fully ready nabak kimchi. Please be sure to eat it up within a week or two, as it won’t taste as yummy after that time period!

–from the Vegan 8 Korean blog where you can check out Sunnie’s other good recipes.

Follow the recipe to the letter or adjust it to your liking.  You could use green cabbage if you can’t find napa or put in daikon instead of carrot.  Just make it your own.


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