Kimchi, the New App

Isn’t it time to kimchify your rice?

It needs something…

There are many ways to dress up your plain, white (or brown) rice––a frequent option is the “rice bowl” where you top it with the toppings of your heart’s desire, see previous post “Breakfast, Mon Amour!” (May 6) for ideas.  However, if you are seeking an even faster way to dress up your rice, I have your one-two step right here.  Let me show you the way…

Get out your big jar of kimchi and sesame oil––optional unless you are addicted to it like I am.


All you do is slice up your kimchi and lovingly place as much as you want on top of your rice. Drizzle sesame oil over it all…

Lovingly place the kimchi on top

And mix everything up until your rice is nicely incorporated with kimchi and sesame oil.

Mix it up

Then you are ready to eat it up.  Yum!

Nom nom nom!

Are you thinking, “This is way too easy to be any good?” or “Shouldn’t there be something more to it than that?” and “Is this a trick?”

No trick, just wanting to turn you on to the revelation that simpler is often better.  You can thank me later. 

But for those of you still-doubting Thomases or Thomasinas out there, this upgrade’s for you:

Kimchi, the new app


4 thoughts on “Kimchi, the New App

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