Love in the Time of Zucchini

It’s not unrequited…

It is easy being green

All hail the versatile zucchini––in soups, in gratin, on the grill, in the fryer…oh where to begin?!

A knife runs through it

People of the Old and New Worlds were harvesting the squash 10,000 years ago so no wonder our love affair (with the exception of Calvin Coolidge who reviled zucchini and banned it in 1923, according to Phil Ball) with this perky, beguiling fruit––Dori Sanders puts it in her chocolate cake!

But when it comes to zucchini, I start at the beginning, taking my cues from my mother with this easy peasy treatment.  It all begins with slices as evenly as my knife will allow…

All your lovely slices in one big bowl

As many zukes as you want to use, slice them up uniformly as possible and sprinkle with salt, coarse or fine. Let sit about 5-10 minutes.  Then toss with one or two spoons of flour.

Sprinkle with flour

Now that you’ve got the zukes in a bowl nicely coated with flour, the next thing to prep is your egg dip.  Be mindful here on how you treat your egg as it will dictate your success with this dish.

Good egg 

Once you crack it, you’ll want to give your egg a good whisk with salt and a dash of water.  And by “dash” I mean run the bowl under the faucet for one hot second so you will have added just enough water to make it frothy once whisked.  If you’re using more than one egg, then extra the dashes accordingly.  For one to two good-sized zucchinis, one good egg does the trick (if you have extra egg dip, fry it up and serve it along side).

Time for a dip

Once your frying pan is hot with a nice layer of oil, go ahead and place your slices in careful not to crowd them.  Let each side get nicely golden before you take them out.

Into the frying pan!

I realize that my connection to my Korean roots is tenuous at best having not lived in Korea for most of my life.  That is why I count on my food memories to keep me rooted to the country that gave me my father and mother.  And what better way to stay connected than the aroma of my mother’s fried zucchini?

Side note: Make a nice dipping sauce for your fried zucchini by combining soy sauce, rice vinegar, minced garlic & black pepper.


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