Ask a Korean: Do Koreans Go On Road Trips?

Go ahead, ask me!

On the road again…

Yes, especially if there’s a donut involved!

If you give a Korean a donut (in Napa), she’ll eat it!

I’ve been thinking how lucky I am to have travelled as much as I have in these past years––from Antigua to Napa to Chicago, I’ve been bitten some by the travel bug!

Starting out in the sky…

Out my window…

…then hitting the road…

Topsy Curvy in San Francisco

…and finding cool stuff along the way. Like this fully operational instant coffee machine (possibly the last of its kind!) found at a rest stop en route to Lancaster County, PA.  Full disclosure, I have a soft spot in my heart for instant coffee machines.  I used to hit one up, almost daily, when I lived in Seoul where 30 cents got you a small cup of faux-coffee goodness.  I’m talking powdered coffee and non-dairy cream powder, y’all!

Guilty pleasure (in PA)!

My family didn’t go to many places when I was growing up, but I do know we took a trip to Niagara Falls when I was around eight.  I know this because I have the pictures to prove it.  We went by car with another family. The only detail about that trip I can recall is that I threw up in a paper bag.  Not the best memory, but there must have been something about that experience that got my gears going…

Groovy in Niagara Falls, 1977

As I got older, I made myself go to as many places as I could, with friends or alone, to places that were exotic to me or had cachet with the larger culture––Fire Island, Martha’s Vineyard, the Bahamas, Tokyo.  Great places, indeed, but I was clearly making up for what I perceived as a lost childhood.

Touristas (in Chicago)!

As tourists, we spend our hard-earned dollars in cities and towns all over America and beyond, helping to keep various local economies alive (you’re welcome).  But, as tourists, we get as much back in return.  Every visit to a first-time or oft-traveled place–– exploring side street cafés, meeting locals in their bars, and discovering retro instant coffee machines––building your portfolio as a citizen of the world.

Let the world be your road.


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