K-Dinner Challenge, Part 1

Our 30 K-Dinners Challenge is off to a good start.

Eat it up, yum!

Eat it up, yum!

Seven dinners later, we are still going strong!

Lettuce make you smile...

Lettuce make you smile…

With a balance of veggies, whole grains and protein, our first week of the Challenge has come and gone without any glitches.  This is due to the fact that we did a big shop at the monster Korean supermarket (Han Ah Reum) in Flushing, Queens.  There were a lot of people there and some of them got very up close and personal in my personal space.  We brought the Old Ladies who were totally unfazed by the crowd.  Especially my aunt who parted the sea, as she burned linoleum with her rollator down those narrow aisles.

Oooh, prepared foods!

Oooh, prepared foods!

I can see why it’s a draw––mackerel, salted clams, buckwheat noodles, fermented soybean paste, and not to mention, a galaxy of kimchi!––everything you could need for your Korean dinner, but I think I might have developed a slight case of agoraphobia from there.  For reals.

Planet Kimchi

Planet Kimchi

But did I mention I might have developed a case of agoraphobia from there?

Get me out of here!

Eyes glazed over and open mouth can only mean GET ME OUT OF HERE!

We managed to drag our overstuffed shopping cart to the register before I could reach the catatonic phase.  We got the Old Ladies stocked up on dried anchovies, salted cod roe and tofu while the Boyfriend and I hauled in a big sack of rice (enough for a rice age, ha ha ha, get it?)…

Just make it yourself

Just make it yourself

but the kimchi?  I’ll just make it myself.


2 thoughts on “K-Dinner Challenge, Part 1

    • That’s nice of you to say so. My kimchi has a bit of a different flavor as I tend to use Mexican chili peppers rather than the kind you can buy in the Korean supermarket. But I rather like the flavor myself. One of the many good things about kimchi is that you can suit it to your taste!

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