K-Dinner Challenge, Part 3

Days of rice and kimchi crunch and munch away like a Korean eating her weight…

Make it happen

Happy together!

in rice and kimchi!

I have been impressed with my aptitude for non-stop Korean cooking all these weeks of our Korean dinner challenge in which I make nothing but Korean food for dinner.  I started the challenge on the first of March and have kept to it (aside from the weekend we were away and one night I made birthday dinner for a friend).

It's a rice thing, you would understand!

It’s a rice thing, you would understand!

What did I learn from this whole process of making dinner on a consistent basis after being so used to ordering in or eating out? I learned that it is way too easy to call for food and then complain mightily when it’s not as good as it should be and/or gives you major acido!


The other real good things about making it myself: I don’t have to keep hearing myself say, “I could’ve made that myself?!” (aren’t you sick of hearing yourself say that, too?!) and I am feeding the Boyfriend (and me) good food made with good ingredients and love.

Not such a challenge after all…

For the love of...

For the love of…


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