Mountain Girl & Boy

Climb a mountain and rejuvenate!

Only the shadow knows

Only the shadow knows

I started hiking back in 2002 when I moved to Seoul and took up with a hiking club called the Seoul Hiking Club.  My first hike was on the rainiest day ever with just me, the club’s founder and leader, Changdae, and his faithful lieutenant, Jeongshik.  I didn’t realize how much I would take to it.  After a bunch of hikes under my belt, Changdae called me a mountain goat because I was fast and steady on my feet.

San Gabriel Mountains, 2010

San Gabriel Mountains, 2010

The thing about the Seoul Hiking Club was that you could spend long hours hiking with people you’d probably never see again, and that was okay because you also met people who would come out every week and end up becoming your good friends.

Changdae & Jung Shik

Changdae & Jeongshik

I miss the club.  I miss Changdae and Jeongshik.  I even miss the hikers I have not met.

How green was my valley...

How green was my valley…        (San Gabriel Mountains, 2013)

But I’m lucky that the Boyfriend likes to hike (he’s done Half Dome in Yosemite so he’s no slouch) and we have been on some scenic trails––both arduous and lazy––from Bear Mountain to the Appalachians to the San Gabriel Mountain ranges, always grateful to be taking in the wonders of nature.


The Boyfriend on a good path in the San Gabriel Mountains, 2013

And so many wonders to behold: surely the cleanest air, the most azure-blue sky and endless palette of greens anywhere on the planet!  And, of course, the cutest lizards!

Even lizards do it...

Even lizards do it…

Although this Mountain Girl left her heart in the mountains of Korea, she’ll be okay because she’s found some closer to home.

I left my heart in Seoul...

I left my heart in Seoul…

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