Have Blender Will Travel

My old blender could have come over on the Mayflower…

Around the whirl in a day

My Old Blender

she’s that old.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t whip up a mean curry paste for a curry goat stew!

Going for a whirl

Going for a whirl

Make your own curry paste with the Jamaica Travel and Culture’s recipe posted on their website:


Scotch Bonnets: Just a few will do you

Scotch Bonnets: Just a few will do you

It’s a breeze: put everything in the blender.

Goat en marinade

Goat en marinade

Then all you have to do is rub and marinate your goat with the paste.   And then simmer with carrots and potatoes.

You're almost there!

You’re almost there!

But that’s not the kind of curry we ate when I was little.  We ate the curry that came in brown blocks which you dissolved and simmered in water with meat and vegetables––  spawn of the curry that the Japanese brought into Korea during the occupation by why of the British navy during Japan’s Meiji Period.

Oh, I’m not complaining.  I still love the stuff  and that’s in spite of its high sodium, bad-for-you palm oil, and ingredients I would need an advanced degree in bio-chemistry to decipher.

To eat!

To eat!: with quinoa and mustard greens

Curry, or spices to be exact, traces our epic tale of travel, trade, and conquistadors.

The Brits would call this curry

Would the Brits call this curry?

Curry came to Jamaica by way of Portugal’s introducing chiles into India, by way of the British attacking Portuguese trade ships for the sole purpose of stealing their spice bounty.  Thus “curry” became the British term for the Indian way of using spices and herbs “to accentuate, rather than smother, the flavor of the dish being cooked” (Trager, 1997).

It's better than I remember...

Good enough to smother

Of course I would love to visit Jamaica––meet her beautiful people, admire her lush country side, and make my pilgrimage to the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, but I don’t know when that will be.  But have blender will travel.

Here’s some variations on Jamaican curry powder from caroleesbestrecipes and



 ½ tsp. cumin seeds roughly grounded

½ tsp. coriander seeds roughly grounded

½ tsp. pimento seeds roughly grounded

½ tsp. fennel seeds roughly grounded (optional)

2 tsp. turmeric powder

½ tsp. black pepper

cook like a jamaican: 

1/4 cup whole coriander seeds

2 tablespoons whole cumin seeds

2 tablespoons whole mustard seeds

2 tablespoons whole anise seeds

1 tablespoon whole fenugreek seeds

1 tablespoon whole allspice berries

5 tablespoons ground turmeric


Place a spices in a skillet and toast over a medium heat until colour darkens slightly and spices are very fragrant. Remove pan from heat. Let spices cool to room temperature then grind and place in an air-tight storage container.


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