Your Noodle In/Dependence

If you make it yourself…

measure for measure

measure for measure

you can free yourself of the shackles of store-bought noodles forever!

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Make it your mission to learn the ancient art of noodle-making.  It’s not hard once you do it once or twice, and you’ll never forget how.

Make my noodle kimchi!

Make my noodle kimchi!


I am not claiming that homemade noodles are professional grade or that we should compete with the ramen, lo mein, jajangmyun (짜장면), spaghetti, mai fun we love from our favorite noodle shops and restaurants.  It’s just that the act of making your own noodles gives you that much more freedom and choice in noodle-eating.  Flour and water is all you really need, you can even forego the egg, to make a batch of fresh noodles.

good job!

good job!

Take note of the Korean tradition of eating noodles on your birthday to extend your life by at least one year.  This symbolism in food is quite lovely and I bet you really do live longer just from the sheer happiness of eating noodles!

오랫동안 인생일 국수 

신선한 국수

다진 양파

다진 생강

땅콩 기름



참깨 기름

1. 양념 준비:

다진 양파, 다진 생강, 땅콩 기름, 된장, 설탕 와 참깨 기름을 그릇에 놓고 섞으십시요.

2. 국수를 물을 2-4분에 끓으십시오.  국수를 행구십시오.  국수를 그릇에 놓고 양념을 맨 위에 담고 섞으십시요.


참고: 저의 한국어 실력이 많이 부족하지만 저의 노력은 최고이다!

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4 thoughts on “Your Noodle In/Dependence

  1. It could be a good trial making noodles by myself. I learned making pizza and it was so fun. I’m studying English nowadays and if you want, give me a email address then I can give you a little advise for that Koean words. It’s good for understand and little unnatural like my English writing.

    • yeah, my korean language skills are pretty limited. i did study for a little while when i was living in korea but once you don’t practice it everyday, it’s gone.

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