Man With a Pan

Looks good on him...

Looks good on him…

When I see the Boyfriend getting busy with a pan, I count my blessings!

Smell the magic

Smell the magic

Early on in our relationship, the Boyfriend made it clear that he liked to cook––FYI, people who like food and like to prepare it turn out to be good cooks (I’ve yet to meet anyone who hated food, sadly due to emotional and mental troubles, who turned out to be good at preparing it)––and I knew I had met my match.  As in finding a match to a lone sock, not “I’m checkmating you, dude.”

Bread loves company

Bread loves company: cheddar cheese

A man who wields a pan with skill and good purpose is a true blessing.  This is a man who takes seriously the mission of feeding friends and family, and takes to heart the most important task of keeping the Girlfriend from turning into a cranky and ill-tempered Hound of Hell because she has unwittingly fallen into the Hunger Trap.

Only in my dreams...

What good skill(et) looks like!

Of course, I love the Boyfriend for his intelligence, kindness, and engaging conversational skills.  But how lucky I am to be able to love him for his grilled cheese, onion and tomato sandwich too!

So many blessings

So many blessings

No pickles were harmed during the writing of this post.


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