A Labor of Love

I want you to know that I grew these zinnias from seed…


A labor of love

The work that we do to raise zinnias from seed is not unlike raising ourselves and families.  Both endeavors take a lot of caring and fussing over to make sure that the tiny seedlings do not shrivel up and die.  The impetus to root your progeny into the world is very strong.  I think about all the work it took my parents to keep us going back in the days when we had just landed here.  Fitting that I would think on it during this Labor Day weekend.

A lot of the work that parents do is so that their next generation will see that their sacrifices were not in vain.  And for immigrants times that by a hundred.

Beauty is work

Beauty is work

The political debate about illegal immigrants makes me realize just how useless and conniving some of our politicos are, consistently exploiting immigrants to their political purposes when they need to be helping them become productive American citizens.   Too many Americans lose sight of the fact that it was through immigrant labor, not to mention blood, sweat, and tears that made this city and country the super power that it is.

Image 3

Beauty is work, 2

I have had a job since I was thirteen so I have strong opinions about work: If I don’t believe in what I’m doing I won’t do it.  What I learned from my family’s toil is how vital it is to believe in the work that you do so you may feel a sense of responsibility to society   which brings success in your work-life relationship.

It’s a long weekend and I am duty with my Old Ladies who are visiting me in Brooklyn. Cooking for them, making sure they are comfortable and taking them to get their hair cut all takes some doing.  I guess you could call it a ‘labor of love’ when it involves your Old Ladies.

Zinnia Power!

Zinnia Power!

Let’s all make sure our zinnias are strong and vital for the good of all of us.

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