Lettuce Consider the Cuke

Foraging my vegetable bin in an act of desperation, I come upon the lettuce and the cuke…

Leaf and Cuke

Leaf and Cuke

In an attempt to find something to eat despite our refrigerator jammed with take-out containers from the local Indian restaurant and hummus and olives from Sahadi’s on Atlantic Avenue, I come upon the lettuce and the cuke.

It’s obscene considering the rate of hunger across the country and the ton-age of food we Americans toss every day, to be sorting through containers of food to find food to eat.  But we live in a world of paradoxes and sad ironies.  Doubly so for me, a kid who grew up eating government cheese…

Cukes in slices

Cukes in slices

It feels like an act of desperation, sort of, to bring the lettuce and cucumber together to put over noodles…

The perfect canvas

The perfect canvas

or genius?!

So it begins...

So it begins…

So introductions in a big bowl were made: cuke, romaine, and noodles tossed with chili flakes, garlic, rice wine vinegar, honey, sesame oil, sesame seeds, salt and pepper.

In the mix

One good mix

Surely, anything tossed with noodles is a good idea…



but dare I claim these noodles Korean?

Of course!

Cucumber and Lettuce with Noodles

The ingredients

fresh noodles

romaine lettuce, chopped (or whatever you like)

cucumber, julienned

garlic, pressed

rice wine vinegar

sesame oil

sesame seeds

chili flakes

salt & pepper

The steps

1. Boil noodles until cooked, but not mushy.  Rinse in cold water. Drain.

2. Mix the following in proportions that make sense to you: garlic, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, sesame seeds, honey, chile flakes. Set aside.

3. Mix the lettuce and cucumber in a big bowl.  Add the well-drained noodles and toss with the seasoning mix.  Season with salt and pepper.


3 thoughts on “Lettuce Consider the Cuke

  1. Fantastic! Those noodles looked great. I need to remember to buy ’em the next time I’m at the grocery store and try to cook ’em for the first time in my life. Your finished cuisine looks delish!

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