Ask a Korean: Are Koreans Merry?

Even us Koreans know it’s okay to have a Merry Christmas…

It's okay to be merry!

It’s okay to be merry!

No bah humbugs here!

Koreans aren’t always stoic with bearing the weight of the world on our shoulders. We gotta take a break sometimes…especially during the holiday season where it is customary to embrace the Christmas spirit and make merry with family and friends!

Here's to you!

Raise your glass!

My Old Ladies were in rare form this recent Christmas, smiling and knocking back some sparkling wine, just happy to hang out with family and friends.

It's okay to get close!

Koreans like to get close!

And though I would never claim Koreans to be merry, I can vouch for our being able to make merry if the occasion should call for it, like Xmas.  And certainly growing up, I wished we could have celebrated it the way my Anglo friends did, but it didn’t turn out that way for us.

It's okay to light up the night!

Koreans like to show their inner light!

But I’m a big girl now so I can go ahead and do what I want.  Like take two by making up my own traditions as I go along.

Party Hearty!

Party Hearty!

Merry Christmas!

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