Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

Why not have some rum punch while we wait for the weather to warm up or the Congress decides to do something?

Green is the new green

Green is the new green

You’ll need at least two kinds of rum, three if you want it to be a Planter’s Punch, and lots of limes, Sir.  Oh, and someone who has a good recipe…like the Boyfriend.

Juggle your limes

Juggle with care!

He learned this one from Zelma, a former bartender at the Admiral Inn’s bar (Nelson’s Dock, Antigua), who shared the ingredients, but not the proportions!

The Boyfriend's secret recipe

The Boyfriend’s secret recipe

But that turned out to be okay as he figured it out on his own…and on the first try, I might add!  You can read more about the ingredients here.

Baby it's cold outside

Baby, it’s cold outside

I bet that ground hog would come out for this…


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