Grow What You Eat: Radical Radish

Eat what you grow.

Eat a radish

Eat a radish

The idea of seed saving wouldn’t have caused the brow crinkling that it does now. Monsanto has really planted a pernicious seed in our midst:  agribusiness trumps everyone and everything else.

Keep your seeds

Keep your seeds

So seed saving can get you jailed?  This centuries old tradition of growing crops from saved seeds to feed your family is denigrated into a criminal activity?  Huh.

As God is my witness...

As God is my witness…French Breakfast Radishes

But how savvy of Monsanto to respond to critics by addressing the stripping farmers of their rights as a way to protect their rights to exist as an agri-business fighting the ‘good fight’ of hobbling farmers who practice seed saving and suing farmers whose fields becomes inadvertently contaminated with Monsanto’s genetically modified materials.   All with the Supreme Court’s blessing all because they have a patent (!)

I grew this

I grew this

So farming in America has come to be defined by Monsanto, a bio-tech behemoth that admittedly, through their agents, purport to be in the business of ‘rural cleansing’ and putting small farmers out of business because it’s just “more fun” than buying them out.

It's radical

It’s radical

No wonder that growing your own radish can be radical.  You can’t get much more DIY than growing the food you eat––it’s our legacy as a human species.

A whole mess of greens!

A whole mess of greens!

Here’s a recipe for a quick kimchi made with radish greens.  Exercise your rights and whip up a batch today!:

Radish greens kimchi

The ingredients

1-2 bunches of radish greens

red chile pepper paste for kimchi (recipe here)

sea salt

chopped scallions, optional

The steps

1. Wash the greens of all its grit.  Drain, place in a big bowl and sprinkle with sea salt. Let sit for about five minutes.

2. Mix radish greens with the red chile paste.  Add chopped scallions if using.

3. Store in a glass jar and let sit for about five days.  Refrigerate after five days.  Let sit longer or serve depending on taste.

Kimchify your radish greens

Kimchify your radish greens



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