Be in charge of your own inner peace.

Make arrangements

Make arrangements

Then do one better and bring it to someone who may need it.

After talking to a friend who’d just lost a close one, I thought I would make her a concoction of herbs to bring on some peace: dried mint (from my community garden), chamomile, and cardamom is what I came up with.

Also known as mentha

Also known as Minthe in Greek mythology

  And if she was having any irritable bowels, this could help.

Irritable bowls?  Have some chamomile

Irritable bowls? Have some chamomile

Did you know that in Greek myth there was a nymph named Minthe who was turned into a mint plant?  She was Pluto’s girlfriend and Persephone was not having any of it.  So kazam, you’re mint plant!  Chamomile was what some Egyptian women used as make-up on their cheeks for 2,000 years and Greek docs prescribed it for a whole suitcase of ailments.



Cardamom has been around at least since the fourth century BCE and has at least 12 different names as it used by many people all over the world, from Finland to India.

Ready to bottle

Ready to share

This (very!) rustic concoction works as a tea, just add boiling water and honey.  A nice hunk of peeled fresh ginger, too!

Ready to brew

Ready to brew

And keep breathing.

E’s Brew

The ingredients

1 cup dried mint, preferably fresh mint you’ve dried yourself

1/2 cup chamomile

1-2 spoons cardamom pods, slightly crushed

The steps

1. Gently mix all three ingredients together in a bowl.

2. Store in a glass container.  I used one of those canning jars.



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