Garden City, Kansas

We are in Kansas.

Of sky

Of sky

I spent a week with the Boyfriend out in the High Plains of America.



We started out in Colorado albeit very late as United Airlines cancelled our flight last minute and tried to reroute us through Los Angeles to Denver.  The plan was fly direct from Newark to Denver, from where we would drive to Colorado Springs to visit PIkes Peak and environs and then onward to Kansas.  What the f**k United?

What's in there!

What’s in there!

After negotiations with a rep, we flew into Cleveland and changed planes to Denver.  The Kansas part of the week was Garden City, a four to five hour drive from Colorado Springs.  According to Suburban Stats, close to 26,658 people reside in Garden City with racial percentages as follows: 74%white, 14% asian, 2% black.

Plot it out

Plot it out

Karen and Edwin are the Boyfriend’s folks and they have lived in their house for a few decades now.  They put in lots of trees when they first moved in, and a place to grow veggies.

Men with zukes & cukes

Men with zukes & cukes

Apparently Edwin and Karen rarely have to buy vegetables at their local supermarket––they are rolling in tomatoes and cucumbers.  Zucchinis as well.  Whilst visiting we got to partake of two squash recipes, one from Edwin and one from Karen.

Edwin's Amish Lady's recipe

Edwin’s Amish lady’s recipe

Edwin’s zucchini casserole was pretty tasty and apparently easy to prepare: just layer all the ingredients in a baking dish.  Here’s the recipe so you all can give it a go.

Karen's zucchini chocolate bread

Karen’s zucchini chocolate bread

I didn’t get a chance to get Karen’s recipe for her wonderful bread, but we did bring back one hefty loaf.  Even better.


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