Saturday For Procrastination

Last week I became one year closer to fifty.


I’d rather be drinking 수정과

Oh crap-ey diem.

The Boyfriend took me for gin and oysters Friday night––Dabobs, Martha Vineyards & Belons––at GCT’s Oyster Bar and a “Korean” dinner at Han is Her Name.   I haven’t been around so many Koreans in some time, but there they all were waiting for a table at this sort of Korean restaurant.

A perfect wedge

A perfect wedge

After that dinner out, I had a yen to cook a bunch of stuff, Korean and other––mungbean pancakes, soybean porridge, walnut sauce…but not my own cake.

These golden pancakes don't need any syrup

These golden pancakes don’t need any syrup

It’s not just because it was my birthday, but because I don’t get to cook so much during the work week.

Does that kinda look like Pacman?

Does that kinda look like Pac-Man?

But Saturdays are for procrastination and so whatever I wanted to make had to wait for Sunday.

When you’re ready to make your own mung bean pancakes, here’s the recipe:

Mung bean pancakes


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