People & Nourishment

Vincent Van Gogh took great pains to depict both. carcass

All nourished

Sometimes at the same time.

When we think about the past, what’s our focus?

I focus on food, of course.  And often the people I was eating it with.

The Boyfriend is an enthusiastic eater, won’t shrink away from foods he’s not grown up eating.  I really like eating with him.


Eat it good

I also like to reflect on the things I’ve made for sharing, like a carrot cake I baked for my community garden, turned thirty this past August.


A cake for a 30 year old garden

Or the oatmeal-peanut butter treats I like to make for a sweet dog named Dora.

And how warm and fuzzy I get remembering all the delicious food other people have made for me (and by “people” I do mean the Boyfriend).

All this thinking about food and making it harkens me to reflect upon  what Van Gogh said of his “The Potato Eaters” painting: He wanted to capture the hands that had “dug the earth” emphasizing their manual labor “and how they have honestly earned their food.”

What a master he was, distilling the essence of his subjects––workers & sunflowers alike––on to canvas.   What a great muse he is for all us regular folk who manually labor for our food.






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