Animals Are Passing From Our Lives

I have taken a vow of abstinence…

photo 2-1

Antigua’s Bullfinch

from bacon.

Animals may be good for people, but I don’t think we are good for animals.

We kill and torture them.  We eat their flesh and use their skins.  Some of us only eat certain parts of them and throw out the rest.  Some of us stick a tube in their guts and suck out their bile.  People suck.

photo 1-1

Bird & peanut

I don’t know how this bullfinch found me in Antigua, but there he was on our deck in the swanky resort we were staying in.   Maybe he knew of my vow not to eat pig anymore!

photo 2

Keeping a safe distance

He’s a Lesser Antillean bullfinch.  I fed him small peanut pieces that he’d sweep up in his beak and eat at a safe distance.  Finally after a day of small pieces, he’d had enough and plucked up a peanut half I’d been feeding him.

photo 3

I’ll call you Peanut

On the last day of our trip, he’d brought along his mate, a grey-green chit who didn’t seem totally convinced that she needed to be there.  I was sorry I couldn’t explain to him I had to go back to New York.  I would have gladly stayed put and shared my peanuts.

Hopefully he’ll find some other nuts.



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