A Korean At Easter

Jesus and bunnies?  That’s not weird.

photo 1

Old Ladies getting some zen

Did not get into the whole Jesus-resurrection thing when I was growing up.  I was too busy being a sniveling kid.  Plus no adult ever stopped to ‘splain it to me.

photo 2-1

Old Lady as Smiley Smurf

Easter just meant dying eggs with my cheesy Paas kit and shoving my pie hole with jelly beans.  Three decades later and I’m still not sure what to make of it.  Yeah, I’ve been to people’s Easter dinners and found them pleasant enough, but I don’t have any real skin in it.

photo 3

Brooklyn Magnolias

And yes, I kinda believe in Jesus’s crucifixion, but not sure how much further to go into the story.  I definitely believe in rebirth as it pertains to our natural world.  How could I not when I see those Magnolia blossoms come back to celebrate the vernal equinox every year.

photo 4

Making the soup

And I get the symbolism of the egg in our belief paradigm.  But if you are buying the whole bunnies-hiding-eggs phenomenon, you are on some serious crack.

photo 5-1

Holy slice: Sausage and pepper

Easter 2016 found this Korean taking the Old Ladies to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with the Boyfriend, making stew for them to take back to the Bronx, and ordering in pizza.

Here comes Peter cottontail

hopping down the bunny trail

hippity hoppity

happy Easter day.




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