In The Bronchitis Kitchen

What a sicko cooks after a week of being afflicted with bronchitis.

photo 2-2

In the bronchitis kitchen

I ain’t no Typhoid Mary.

I’ve been coughing up a lung and imitating a good old green phlegm machine for a week, so why not make something to eat?

photo 4

(Garlic) press here

Naturally I start with a batch of kimchi.

photo 2-1

Grateful ginger

It’s true, I’ve been too tired and lazy to make the kimchi.  Ironic that I make it after my most tired and sick week.

Whew, cross that off the list!  That means I can take a break for potato chips.

photo 3


After scarfing down chips, I get a bee in my bonnet to bake cookies.

photo 3-1

Chocolate chip cookies

I tried to stay off the antibiotics during this latest bout of bronchitis––sticking to turmeric-ginger tea and Mucinex ––but these chocolate chip cookies would definitely be doctor approved.

photo 4-1

Best medicine: Cookies!


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