When Two Are In Love

Bees do it, birds do it…


Love, love me do!

Let’s fall in love.

Love is the core of our human experience.  Well, sometimes I think it’s eating, but that’s another post.

central park 2

We are in love (?)

My mom and dad didn’t seem very much in love with each other.  Not that love you read about in books and pine for in the movies anyway.  They seemed to have more pressing things on their minds, like getting that rent paid and buying groceries, and keeping their American Dream from getting dragged through the mud.


When two are in love

But I guess staying together to raise a child and keep a family afloat is a kind of love.  Not so easy for a kid to understand when all she sees is her parents arguing and fighting (about raising a child and keeping a family afloat).

central park

A field of dreams

I’m the same age as my mom was when she had a snotty 15 year old daughter who was experimenting with boys and booze, and stealing singles out of my dad’s cigarette packs.   I would have smacked me more.


What love looks like

Thirty years later, I think I finally have a pretty good handle on what love is, as I’ve traversed and made it through its dizzying maze.    Unless I’m still dizzying through…


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