In No Particular Order

I took a day to cook Korean dinner.   It’d been some time since I made Korean food.


I’m watching you!

Would I remember how?!

When I get home after a day of teaching four year olds or doing Old Ladies care, I don’t ever have anything left over that would allow to prepare dinner.



So now that school is shuttered, I have no excuse!  Under Leo’s supervision, I did my best. Mostly clattering about our crowded kitchen, looking for surface space and spoons.


Big plan

The big plan was to make the big cabbage into kimchi.   So that meant shake the seeds out of the chile peppers before grinding them.

Umm, that took some time.


On track

As you can see I was on track for the kimchi–chile pepper grounded, cabbage chopped and the rest to follow…a nice touch was a sprinkling of my homegrown chives.

And as I’d run out of my anchovy-vinegar concoction I used the salted shrimp that I got from the Korean supermarket (oh so many months ago).


Still on track

But after the kimchi got jarred up, I was a blowin’ in the wind.  That just means I was all over the place with all the dishes I wanted to make.


Beautiful zucchini

I was prepping up to five dishes all at the same time.  A little bit of this and then some of that…


I dream of zucchini

I was pulling off my version of an octopus dance, albeit with just two arms.


Bone in my pot

I started cooking around noon and finished near cocktail hour.

The run down on this Korean dinner, in no particular order:  seasoned pollack, quick cucumber pickle, mung bean pancakes, tuna-sesame leaf kimbap, tofu and cabbage stew, and fried zucchini.


Gigantic garlic

The kimchi won’t be ready for a few days yet.

Was I trying to make up for all the Korean dinners I’d missed this past year?  Yes, that’s part of it.  Also, it was a response to a dinner we’d had at Barbuto the night before.  The spaghetti and clams was dry.  It’s a deceptive dish, because this is the second time I’ve run into a restaurant not being able to get it right.   Roberto’s in the Bronx was the first.



Really the saving grace was that the waiter caught it and suggested I switch it out for the gnocchi.


Just in time for cocktail hour

Eh, next time I’ll just stay home and eat kimbap.


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