Mid-August Lunch 2017

Yeah, I know it’s nearly October…


Bon appetit

but I can reminisce.

This is my nod to what it takes to prepare a nice lunch during the high noon days of August.  I harken back to the wonderful film MID-AUGUST LUNCH, directed by Gianni Di Gregorio, where the middle-aged Italian protagonist is charged with the take care of a coterie of elderly ladies while everyone splits town––among them his and the landlord’s mother.


Batter up

The preparation of his piece de resistance lunch is joyful to watch––slapdash ingenuity, charming weaseling and expert cuisine d’art all in one afternoon.



My lunch, on the other hand, was contingent on what I had in the fridge and pantry: soba noodles, zucchini, and left-over tofu stew.



I know it looks like I was expecting company, but alas I was toute seule.


Cukes alors!

And I ate it outside in the midday sun…


Big bite!

just like Noel Coward’s mad dogs and Englishmen might.


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