I hope you’ll try your hand at some of these recipes and that you’ll feel free to adjust to your needs and tastes and really make them your own.  And I would love to hear from you on what worked for you and how it all came out!  Do it yourself, y’all!


Kimchi (My way)

Kimchi (My aunt’s way)

Cucumber pickle/오이소박이

Japanese radish kimchi

Korean radish kimchi/ 깍두기

Lettuce kimchi/상추 김치

Radish greens kimchi 

Radish water kimchi/동치미

Soups & Stews

Fish head stock

Jigae (soy bean paste soup)

Soon dubu stew/순두부찌게


Vegetable dishes

Braised potato/감자조림

Cucumber saute

Fried zucchini 

Seasoned bean sprouts

Fish & Seafood

Braised sea cucumber/해삼탕

Canned mackerel in soy sauce/고등어 조림

Fried anchovy

Mackerel braised in soy sauce

Rice dishes

Egg & rice & kimchi

Healthy rice/영양 밥

Kimchi & bean sprout rice 

Kimchi fried rice

Rice porridge/죽

Noodle dishes

Easy buckwheat noodles


Noodles and cucumber slices

Noodles in Sesame Oil

오랫동안 인생일 국수 

Soba in broth

Family Recipes

Jiwon’s mung bean pancakes/빈대떡

Matt’s linguine with clams

My Mother’s (Korean) Dumplings


Red hot pepper paste

Scallion and squid pajun/파전

Seaweed soup/미역국

Other recipes

Cheapo lazy-bones fish sauce

Cincinnati chili (by way of Brooklyn)

Corn dogs

E’s brew

Grilled red snapper

Jamaican curry powder

Kimchi & cream cheese dip 

Madhur Jaffrey’s mung bean fritters/moong dal ki pakori

Preserved lemons

Red hot chile oil

Sambal ulek (DLCS Management’s recipe)


Granola bars 

Spray cheese & cracker snack

Desserts & baked goods

Apple pie

Boiled frosting

Chocolate Bundt cake

Chocolate wafers w/a Korean Twist 

Galette crust

Julee’s Original Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Lemon loaf

Orange cupcakes w/cream cheese frosting

Peanut butter pie 

Rush Limbaugh’s Pie (Hole)

Tart dough


Breakfast of Champions (The New Pina Colada)

Blueberry and basil soju

Dong dong ju 


Lavender and black current soju 


Peach soju 

Persimmon punch (수정과)

Watermelon Punch (수박화채)

Zelma’s Planter’s Punch

For our animal friends

Marvel meal for birds


4 thoughts on “Recipes

    • I tend to cook stuff my family made when I was growing up so you might not see the stuff that you might find in those Korean restaurants. I do have great recipes for short rib and oxtail that I will post soon.

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  2. Thank you so much for these recipes! I am so happy I came across your blog. Your cooking looks delicious and I like your outlook on life 🙂

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